Lifestyle/ Land lease Communities

Wow what an exciting part of the property cycle this is, working with Residents in their 50’s and 60’s that may have just retired or in many cases are still working part and even full time.

These Resort style communities offer so many things to do in are around the community and the residents I have met over the years are really enjoying life.

Through my roles with and over the past 6 years, I have been lucky enough to get to know many Land Lease Communities around the Country.

Lifestyle/ Land lease Communities

The missing gap in Lifestyle Marketing

While I have seen some wonderful websites and marketing campaigns from the larger providers I have noticed a gap in websites and digital marketing efforts from the smaller and medium size providers. This became even more evident during the pandemic, many providers were not digitally ready to take the next step.

Having easy-to-use websites with great content and explainer videos, virtual tours, professional photography, and videos of the local community are just a minimum.

Also during the pandemic, many old marketing strategies became not only redundant but impossible to actually do. Land lease Community Providers are not driving enough quality leads via online and digital tools to their own websites, and that is a problem.

This is a rapidly growing space with many new Developments coming in 2023, if you are in the Development stage you need to get those deposits as early as possible to be able to move through construction as quickly as possible.

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