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The Bloomtools Name

Learn about what the name Bloomtools means and how we came up with it.

What's in a name?

In 2007, we changed our business name to Bloomtools. This change occurred at the same time as the launch of our franchise system and signified this new era in our business. The name Bloomtools is a reflection of what we do 'create simple Internet tools to help small to medium businesses bloom'. Our passion for business growth is captured in the word 'bloom' and the simple, inexpensive and reliable nature of our products is illustrated by the word 'tools'.

How did we come up with the name?

We worked with brand development company cocojambo to create the Bloomtools brand.  We conducted extensive research of the small to medium business market in Australia to find out what they were seeking in an Internet partner.  We found that these business people needed a company that was reliable and passionate about the Internet and business, and they also needed simple products that were going to get real results for their business. 

So, we all put our creative minds together and after lots of brainstorming, we came up with two words - 'bloom' and 'tools'.  We chose these words because they both captured important elements of what we do:

Bloom - to mature into achievement of one's potential, to flourish in excellence.

Tool - a device that aids in accomplishing a task.

'Bloom' speaks to every business owner's desire to grow their business, and the word 'tools' inspires thoughts of solid, simple instruments that do a job, just like our products.  We combined these two words to make Bloomtools because it is an interesting, memorable word, far different to the names of other Internet businesses.