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Price Comparison

Find out how Bloomtools prices compare to the rest of the market

Affordable online solutions

Bloomtools is dedicated to providing affordable online solutions for small to medium businesses. Our prices place us in the middle of the market - we are not the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive. Typically our online solutions fall into the $3,000-$10,000 price range, depending on your business requirements.  Bloomtools online solutions represent great value for your investment - you get the world-class technology, wide range of tools and professional designs usually reserved for top corporate websites, without the price tag you would expect.

Free upgrades to the latest technology

What really sets Bloomtools apart from other website developers (in both the top and bottom ends of the market) is the fact that we provide living solutions. Our team is constantly improving and upgrading all our tools to take advantage of the latest technology available, and because your website is hosted in our state-of-the-art hosting environment, you get all these upgrades for free. So even once your website has been built it can continue to grow and change to suit your growing business, meaning you will never need to buy another website.

100% committment

We are also committed to ongoing support, education and training for our clients. With Bloomtools, you don't just buy a website - you get an internet partner that is dedicated to your success online and there to help you every step of the way.

The long term cost of the cheaper option?

So while you may be able to get a website for cheaper than we offer, you need to weigh up whether it's worth it. You definitely won't get a leading edge solution that is easy to update and uniquely designed to generate results for your business, and more often than not, you won't even get any support - so while you will save money initially, what might it cost your business in the long run?