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Personalised Print cards

Turn customers into raving fans with Personalised Print Cards. Increase your profits by reducing your churn, increasing your average customer spend, and activating lost customers

Finding new customers is great, but keeping old ones and turning them into loyal buyers is even more important, because it can cost up to 6x more to get a new customer, than to keep an existing one. What's even more interesting is that 68% of customers that leave, leave because they believe the company doesn't care about them. That's where the Bloomtools personalised greeting cards tool can help.

Why Personalised Print Cards

Reduce Customer Churn
Show your customers that you really care about them by sending them a personalised greeting card on their brithday, anniversary or on seasonal holidays like Christmas & Easter

Increase Customer Spend
Help customers learn something new about you and your product mix or even by sending them a genuine thankyou card to tell them that you appreciate their business- little acts like this go a long way towards building a great relationship with your customer.

Retrieve "Lost"Customers
Re-activate customers that haven't purchased from you after a period of time with personalised cards to tell them about how your company has improved, or with a discount code to encourage them to have a look at the rest of your product range.