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  • 01
    Creative Brie

    Creative Brief

    One of our consultants will discuss your website design requirements with you to put together a plan for our design team to work on. After this session, if you have any content to put together, this is a great time for you to do this.

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  • 02

    Initial Preview (5-10 working days)

    Our team will create a design preview demonstrating the potential style and layout of your website's Home page for you to review.

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  • 03

    Initial Feedback (1-3 working days)

    The project manager will be in touch with you to discuss the initial preview of your website and what you like/dislike.

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  • 04

    Final Preview (5-10 working days)

    Based on your feedback to the initial preview, the team will create an updated preview for you to sign off on.

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  • 05

    Final Feedback(1-3 working days)

    The project manager will be in touch again to discuss the final preview; any minor design changes can be made during the next stage.

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  • 06

    Cutup (7-14 working days)

    The team will proceed to creating the actual functional website based on the approved preview. All of your content and images are required by this time.

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  • 07

    Adding Content (4-7 working days)

    We will add text, images and any other content you have supplied to build your complete website..

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  • 08

    Go Live

    Once the content is complete and you are happy with the website, we will make it visible online for the world to see.

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  • 09


    Book a training session with our support team who will teach you everything you need to know about using your new website tools.

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  • 10


    We'll also setup a number of free Google tools for your website to provide insight into your traffic and online presence.

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  • 11

    Marketing Recommendations

    If you are interested in driving more people faster to your website and business, we will put together some recommendations based on your target market, industry and competition for you.

The Bloomtools Project Life Cycle