Bloomtools | Promotional Boxes

Promotional Boxes

Create a sales funnel on your site with HTML promotional boxes you can manage yourself.

Get more sales with promotions on your site.

Turn your website into a sales tool by promoting special offers and products on your site so visitors are persuaded to buy.  Use the promotional boxes to advertise special deals, upcoming events and featured products from your shopping cart to boost your online conversions and even tie them into your offline marketing to direct customers through your sales funnel when they arrive on your site. 

Complete control over your advertisements.

The Bloomtools Promotional Boxes Editor allows you to manage multiple boxes easily.  This tool works like a basic word processing program, so you don't even need to know HTML to use it and create professional graphics for your website.

What your business can do with the Promotional Boxes Editor:

  • Advertise your promotions in an eye-catching way on your website and you will get more customers
  • Edit and update these areas quickly and easily yourself without paying or waiting for a website developer 
  • Use your HTML areas as a simple way to give your customers information about your business