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Client Webinar: How to get your business to rank higher on Google

The advantages of ranking higher on Google for your business?

With 97% of users searching for local businesses online, Australian businesses are focusing efforts on their digital presence now more than ever.  The businesses that are doing something about it, are the ones that are beating their competitors.

These users are using terms you’ve probably used yourself like:

  • "Reliable", "Best", "Local"

  • “Near me”

  • “Close by”

And because Google wants to show the right answer, it uses a mixture of location data, reviews, website speeds (and more tech stuff), plus more, to show users what they think really is the best burger near them.

In this free 30-minute webinar

Tracey Voyce, CEO and Director of Bloomtools, will take you through some of Bloomtools' favourite SEO tips to help you appear in more search results and to give your business a leg-up. 

  1. How Google determines who to put first in their results?

  2. What strategies are we seeing in 2022 that are helping clients jump start their position online?

  3. How you can you speed up the process for Google to see you more often?

  4. Each attendee will receive a free SEO audit, with 15 minute session with one of our SEO specialists to explain the results and the key strategies you specifically need to deploy to get the best results.

Please note, yes we will promote our amazing SEO team at the end to take your position on Google higher faster (a guarantee we provide), however you will learn enough in the webinar that if you don't want us to do can make an improvement on your rankings yourself!

When: Thursday, August 4 at 12 pm AEST

Where:  Your desk

Investment:  Your time (this webinar is free to attend)

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For those who can’t attend live

If you’re busy running your business that day but would love to learn more, register now and we’ll send you the link to watch the on-demand webinar for you to pause and watch whenever you get some spare time.