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RSS Feeds

Use RSS feeds to give your customers easy access to news about your business and to display information from other sources on your website to draw people back regularly

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are a way of communicating with customers.  You put the RSS feed of your latest news on your website and your customers can subscribe to it, so they are notified every time you add something new and can access it easily.  You can also have the RSS feed from other websites displayed on your website for your customers to access, making your site a great information resource.

With a Bloomtools RSS Feed, you can use both of the above options and the feeds will be displayed professionally on your website.  Your RSS feed is automaticaly generated so you can be sure that your customers will always be kept up to date.  Use this tool to share information with your customers and to get people coming back to your site regularly for updates.

What your business can do with Bloomtools RSS Feeds:

  • Be the expert - make your site the first place people go to for information by displaying RSS feeds from several reputable organisations
  • Increase your website traffic - those subscribed to your feed will be notified about new content and be directed to your site to read it
  • Simplify communication with your customers - this tool makes it easy for you to make regular contact with your customers and keep them updated
  • Improve search engine ranking - the added content on your site and the link-sharing involved in RSS feeds can boost your ranking on search engines