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Business Insight Questionnaire

Bloomtools Questionnaire

Thank you for completing the following short questionnaire to give us an insight into your business prior to our meeting.
Your information -
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Your website address:  *
How did you hear about Bloomtools:  *
Business background -
Your business provides/sells:  *
Who is your target market:  *
How many team members do you have:  *
How long have you owned/run the business:  *
Is there anyone else other than you involved in the decision making process of your business:  *
Please select the frustrations you're currently experiencing or anything you would like to improve on (multiple select) -
 We don't have a website and are not currently using the power of the internet
 Our current site doesn't really reflect our point of difference and level of professionalism (i.e. the look and feel)
 We don't stand out above our competition
 We don't know how to get people to visit our site
 We can't easily instantly update our website ourselves
 Our current site only is about promoting our products/service and it achieves no other purpose
 We don't know what traffic our site is getting and what pages people view etc.
 We are not capturing peoples details when they visit our site
 We don't have a database of clients, prospects etc.
 We are not effectively communicating regularly with our clients and prospects
 We haven't made a return on our website investment
 We don't know why our current site is not attracting a lot of business for us
 We don't fully understand how the internet could help our business more
Any other areas you would like help with for your website and online marketing: 
What would your goals and objectives be for your online solution (multiple select) -
 To attract new customers
 To increase sales
 Build up customer loyalty
 Streamline our business
Thanks for your time!