Bloomtools | Client Success Stories

"I had to get Bloomtools to pull back my marketing, as it was bringing me too much business!"

Bloomtools brought Brisbane Tree Lopping | Client Success Story

"Before working with Bloomtools, I was relying on yellow pages, my previous basic website and referrals to grow my business. But it never changed, and I was constantly waiting for the phone to ring..."

"Now we have a professional Bloomtools website with a mobile phone version combined.  We are also using Bloomtools Adword marketing service to drive our business and we have never looked back," says owner Paul. 

"Now I have so much work, I  have nearly doubled my team and I am 100% happier about my business as the flow of clients are coming through strongly.  Even to the point that I had to ask Bloomtools to cut back my Adword marketing to half so I could cope with the huge flow of business."

"I love how the team at Bloomtools are so responsive in their help, and my website is continuously evolving as my business grows over time - it is dynamic and editable. I would recommend Bloomtools to anyone and everyone."