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Business News Australia | Client Success Story

As one of the country's leading independent business news sites, Business News Australia needed an aesthetically pleasing and functional website that was able to handle significant volumes of content and large numbers of traffic

Because of its experience in designing both attractive and efficient sites, Business News Australia engaged the services of Bloomtools and hasn't looked back.

Since its inception, Business News Australia has been working with Bloomtools to evolve the news website into a popular destination for business and industry leaders seeking their daily fix of news. 

The positive partnership has lasted more than 10 years and is testament to Bloomtools' exceptional customer service and unrivalled delivery of services.

The Business News Australia looks fantastic and is easy to use, both from a readers' perspective and an administrators point of view.

Business News Australia looks forward to continuing the partnership with Bloomtools into the future.

Our website looks great and is very easy to use and search from both our readers and our own perspectives. We use a range of their tools to manage our articles, memberships, blogs, email communication and more.