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Within two weeks we were on Page 1 of Google

Fast Track Debt Collection | Client Success Stories

We had anticipated that most of our business would be generated from networking in New South Wales. To our surprise, due to our high ranking in Google, we're now getting most of our enquiries from the website and they are coming from Queensland, Victoria and South Australia as well.

It only took two weeks after our website went live before we started showing up as the fourth highest ranking for our central keywords "sell a debt". Because the business was new, we had held off promoting the business until the website was launched. The high Google Search Engine ranking proved to be very helpful in boosting our business during those early days and the professional design shows our potential customers that we are a formidable organisation that means business. This is exactly what we were aiming to achieve. We regularly receive feedback about how good our website looks and how easy it is to get around.

We had used Bloomtools previously for our legal practice site, Roberts Legal, so we knew that we'd find the website user friendly and very functional, and that we'd get the best service possible from our Bloomtools Consultant. The website allows me to capture leads in numerous ways, and allows us to provide an additional service to our customers that would not have been possible without this style of website  - our Fast Track Payment eAgreement - which sets us apart from our competitors.

I've now got two Bloomtools websites between my businesses, and I wouldn't consider using any other website developer.


Bloomtools would like to thank Sam for his kind words. If you're in need of a Debt Collection service, be sure to visit Sam's website