Bloomtools | Client Success Stories

Bloomtools dramatically improved our sales figures

Oilpath uses a number of Bloomtools tools to great success

Ultimately, what we wanted from a website was to see a massive improvement in our sales figures. Not only does our Bloomtools website look fantastic, but we are having a huge success with our Email Campaigns, we're increasing our presence in the marketplace and our bottom-line is looking better than ever.

The Bloomtools Website Editting system and Database Marketing System are both really easy to use. If you've ever had experience in Microsoft Word or similiar programs you'll find it really easy to pick up and get great results from. Both modules benefit from continued, added improvements and they integrate well with each other.

We use our website to post Technical Data Sheets online and this has enabled our customers to instantly retrieve this information, rather than relying on emails or traditional post methods where this information could potentially go missing. As a result, we are able to provide better customer service to our clients and this converts into more leads and better revenue.

The support team at Bloomtools provide an excellent support service to their clients. Whenever we had a question, or ran into difficulty, they were quick to respond. I'm really happy I choose Bloomtools to build my online solution.