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Bloomtools runs seminars, workshops and mentoring programs to help businesses achieve success online

It's all about education

Every small business has the potential to get great results from the internet, but unfortunately many business owners don't have the knowledge or skills to take advantage of these opportunities.  To educate business owners about how to get results from this complex and ever-changing medium, Bloomtools offers several training programs.  Our highly trained internet consultants provide this training through interactive presentations, hands-on activities and one-on-one coaching.


Business owners attend a two hour seminar covering the basics of getting online and the opportunities available for businesses on the internet.  The seminar is presented by one of Bloomtools' highly trained internet consultants who shares straightforward advice and simple strategies to help business owners understand how their business could benefit from the internet.


Once the business owner has attended the seminar and learnt the basics, they can then participate in one of our full day workshops.  This hands-on, interactive workshop takes the business owner through the steps of developing an internet marketing plan and at the end of the session, they walk away with a physical plan of their own.  This workshop equips them with the skills to maximise their online presence for attracting new customers and retaining current ones to increase their profits.


Business owners that are participating in the seminars and workshops can also receive mentoring from one of our internet consultants.  This involves several one-on-one sessions with the consultant to help the business owner determine their needs and opportunities online, identify strategies to improve their website presence and implement their internet marketing plan.  The mentoring program reinforces everything the business owner has learnt in the training program and gives them the support they need to put what they have learnt into action.

For more information on these training programs, please contact your nearest Bloomtools office.

Attendee comments

The businesses that attended our training programs and took action on what they learnt have achieved some great results.  Here are some words from two attendees:

Deb Smith - Dream Workers

Description of business: Commencing its operation in 2005, Dream Workers is an organisation run exclusively by volunteers who help to raise funds for individuals and charities on the Gold Coast.

"I first came accross Bloomtools at an Executive Alliance and attended both their Seminar and Workshop - since first meeting with them, I have learnt so much and amended my online presence with great results.

In my first consultation with them, they were able to advise me what I was missing off my current site - as it wasnt getting any results. My first site, I didnt know anything so just left it up to the web developer to advise me. The challenge was even though I had a presence online it didnt really get any great results for my business.

They gave me the guidance on structure changes, content, adding testimonials to my pages, pictures of events, images of our team and about us and explained to me what SEO was all about.

Then through attending the seminar and workshop - I was able to take my understanding to the next level, where I am quite confident in what I am doing in driving traffic to my site, using the professional tools they gave me to test and measure, regular newsletters and articles that are driving people back to my website and referring others.

Since then I have appreciated their continuing support and instant answers, a great relationship, one I highly recommend.

The end result has been amazing, now I know people are spending more time on my website, I have increase the number of visitors to my site from average 20 per week to 20 - 80 per day!, I get people signing up for my newsletter every day and they are people I don't know, and had some great calls from people who want to run fundraising events for me (and they found us on google, then researched my website before deciding we were the best charity to support), I even had the local newspaper find us on Google and are now writing a story around one of our people we are supporting."

Deana Scott - Virtual Medical Office

Description of business: Virtual Medical Office offers an extensive range of medical administration and support services designed to ensure specialist medical practices run smoothly.

"I first meet Bloomtools at a medical conference, and after receiving an invitaion (via email) to their seminar, sent Leana along, as I was unable to attend. Based on what she learnt from the Seminar, I agreed for us to do the workshop and work with Bloomtools. The biggest thing I got from Leana's feedback was what she learnt, and how you were so proactive in educating small Business owners on what the opportunities the internet could provide their business, and how to acheive this.

Attending the workshop was so valuable, as it opened my eyes to things we could do with our online presence, and how to do it. The Internet Plan you worked through on the day and the topics you covered, gave us the structure of not only what we needed to do, but covered things I never considered. Giving us direction from that day forth. For example the concept of building a site that acheives the objectives aligned to your business direction and the strategies to acheive this. Also the importance of driving traffic to your site and how to do this. The tools you gave us has extended our knowledge and will make it easy for us to monitor and improve performance too.

Our challenge in the past with our online presence, is the fact we have had to rely on the developers guidance. And at the beginning they never asked us about our business and where we wanted to take it. They told us what we needed to do, and then made the sale and then no further contact. And when you did contact them, you had to fight to get information and they never gave you any feedback. Basically we got no advise, guidance or anything - which is challenging when you are a business owner and to invest in a website it is a large investment, you want it to get results for you and understand more about it.

The website we are currently building will now play an integral part of our business, rather than just been like another brochure we could produce. It will be a vital part of our business and sales process, adding more substance to the results we acheive.

Overall it has given us the clarity around what we needed to know, do and the why, so we were part of the process and have the confidence and knowlege to take it further."

For more information on these training programs, please contact your nearest Bloomtools office.