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Website Polls

Engage your customers and conduct cost-effective market research by using polls on your website

Online polls give your web viewer the ability to cast their vote on a particular question and see how others have voted. Polls can be used for entertainment and interaction, or they can be used to collect information from customers.

With Bloomtools Online Polls, you can choose the question and the answers and, with one click, the poll is displayed professionally on your website. Use online polls to keep customers on your site longer and to get information from them.

What your business can do with Online Polls:

  • Engage your customers entertain and educate them with questions and answers about your products and industry.
  • Learn about your customers find out the opinions and tastes of your customers with online polls and store this information for future use.
  • Get more customers once you've found out what they want, give it to them and watch your sales increase.
  • Save money don't hire an expensive outside company to conduct market research for you, because it is simple to do it yourself.

This product requires Bloomtools Database Marketing.