Email Marketing

How to capture the details of your site visitors

The internet has advanced so much in the last few years that websites are no longer just brochures that your customers browse before calling you or visiting your store. Websites now have the ability to facilitate businesses – they can generate leads, customers can purchase your products online and you can use your website to engage in regu...

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How To Create Surveys That Work

Customer feedback is an important part of any business.  Without it, businesses often wouldn’t know when they need to make changes, add new products or improve their services.  Thanks to the Internet and email, there is now a fast and simple way to get feedback from your customers – online surveys.

An online survey ...

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How to create winning newsletters

Producing a newsletter used to be a hard, complex and costly project, not only in writing the material, but also in producing the newsletter and getting it out to contacts.

Thankfully that era is now changing, with email marketing making it so much easier, faster and more economical to send out newsletters.

As a business, what do yo...

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Spam trigger words to avoid

Spam is a huge issue on the internet these days and unfortunately, it has impacted on businesses that send legitimate bulk emails using database marketing tools.  It means that we have to work alot harder to get our emails to our reader's inboxes.  All email programs (from Hotmail to Outlook) have in-built spam filters that ...

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