Bloomtools leads the way with new Facebook innovation

Written on the 6 May 2010

Facebook created quite a splash with its announcements on its new social plugins including the Like button at the f8 developer conference last week.

The most interesting fact is that more than 50,000 websites have already implemented the "Like" button in just one week after release. The sites leading this implementation includes Bloomtools who has already implemented the "Like" button within all their client's websites - for free.

The 'like' button is seen at the bottom of all your articles and blogs on your website.  A visitor to your website reads your article, then if they like your article, they can click on the "Like" button - in doing this you can see others who also like your article.  At the same time, it is automatically displayed in your facebook profile enabling all your friends on Facebook to see the articles you enjoy.

What this means for Bloomtools website owners, is a great opportunity to utilise social media to get viral marketing working for you.

The Like button is pretty innocuous at first sight, but the adoption rate has been much bigger than what most people expected enabling you to share a link with the world. But the Like button is more than that, it is deeply integrated with your profile and helps Facebook get a very accurate reading on the type of stuff you are interested in.

With the Like button, users don't even have to log in anymore, they are always connected to Facebook. And to give you an idea of how big the Like button is already, it was seen one billion times in the first 24 hours since it was introduced.

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