Boost your business by being the expert

Written on the 17 November 2020

It is a widely-known fact in business that people love buying, but hate being sold to. So how do you overcome this as a business that has products and services to sell to customers?

You need to be the doctor the expert that listens to their problems, diagnoses them and then tells them what they need to do to fix it. People will be far more receptive to your messages if they think that you genuinely care about them and want to help them.

Positioning yourself or your business as the expert or leader in a particular field is an effective tool for both branding and sales. It is great for your brand image if you have a reputation as an expert and your prospects are more likely to buy from you if you are a leader in your industry or niche.

So how do you position yourself as an expert in the market? Through your website, of course! Here are some handy strategies:

  • Blogs - writing a regular blog on a topic you are knowledgeable about is a great way to share your expertise with your clients and prospects and get them to trust you. Make sure your entries are useful, interesting and regular to get the best results from your blog. Learn about the Bloomtools Blog Manager
  • Article syndication - as a businessperson, you most likely have a lot of knowledge of your area of expertise. Share this knowledge, build your profile and position yourself as an expert by writing useful articles and submitting them to article listing websites, ezines and your alliances. Create a library of your articles in the Bloomtools Database Marketing System.
  • RSS feeds - you have two options with RSS feeds, and both are equally as good for building your reputation. You can display the RSS feeds of other reputable organisations or businesses on your website, making your site the best source for information. Or, you can get your RSS feed displayed on other popular and important websites where many prospects could see it and view you as an expert. Find out more about RSS feeds here.  Learn about the Bloomtools RSS Feeds tool
  • ebooks - writing an ebook is another great way to share your knowledge and to promote your business to prospects. Write a valuable ebook with reliable, useful information and your prospects will think of you as a leader in your field and will feel more comfortable buying from you.  Download the latest Bloomtools ebook here to get inspired.
  • Memberships - being a member of important organisations related to your field is a great way to position your brand as a leader. Research all the industry groups, chambers of commerce and trade organisations that are relevant to you and join as many as possible. Displaying your membership to these groups on your website will make you appear trustworthy and professional.