Brisbane Businesses Are Serious About The Internet

Written on the 13 May 2010

We have all seen the statistics and even felt the change in the market place ourselves, knowing that Australians are using the internet as a daily source of information, communication and commerce.

Yet many businesses have been slow to ensure they are capitalising on this extremely popular medium. They may have a simple website, but that is not enough these days you need to stand out, have the right tools to interact and grab site visitors attention encouraging them to stay, then take action; communicate regularly with your contacts; be positioned high in search engines and more.

Those that have realised the importance, and found a quality web company with the right tools, are finding it is now a vital component to building their business. Attracting new clients, getting existing customers to stay longer, spend more money, refer others, and streamline their businesses are just some of the benefits.

Bloomtools, a local web development company has created over 700 websites and has seen the amazing rewards that customers have been able experience. "Increased profitability, extra time, stronger client relationships, streamlined business practices, and a more professional image'. said Emma Rolley, Bloomtools South Brisbane.

The following are some of the comments from Brisbane businesses, who are now reaping the rewards of taking the Internet seriously:

Wide Span Sheds - "We didn't believe our target market would read an email newsletter from us, reluctantly we tried it and were amazed with a $1.3 million in sales from our first campaign. Now we are avid users of our Database Marketing Solution from Bloomtools."

Brisbane Business News - "We wanted our clients to gain advantage from our popular online presence, so set up advertising within our website and our email blasts. Our clients advertising there are achieving great results and love the tracking that comes with the advertising manager tool, as they can test and measure their marketing effectiveness of campaigns.

East Coast Pipe

- "Our business operates in a very competitive environment and being at the top of the various search engines is imperative. With the support from Bloomtools and our new website we achieved this in a short period of time resulting in increased referrals and leads."

Rockstar Events - "I am very thorough, so did a lot of research before selecting my website and online marketing provider. Bloomtools use proven systems, tools and processes from the initial brief to building my website then there regular goal reviews. They understand a website is a marketing tool designed to achieve results."

End line: This article was provided to you by Bloomtools, Australasia's leading website developer. With Offices in Melbourne, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Wellington New Zealand. Online business solutions provider SEO, Websites (with simple to use Content Management System), Email (Database) Marketing and CRM.