Client Spotlight - Liquid Infusion

Written on the 12 July 2010

Liquid Infusion is Melbourne's most established mobile bar service and is highly regarded as a leader in this new industry. This unique business model and their passion for the industry quickly drove the company to new heights. With thousands of events now catered over the years across Victoria, Liquid Infusion has built a reputation for innovation, success and overcoming all challenges with outstanding results. 90% of all enquiries now come through the website! Liquid Infusion did have a website, however it was not easy to update and did not achieve measurable results.

Some of the Challenges with their old website were:

  • Complex and difficult to display products and information.
  • Was too expensive
  • Was not Search Engine Optimised (SEO)
  • Looked clunky and hard to navigate
  • Could not find and track statistics (website hits, unique visitors)

How their new Bloomtools website helped overcome those challenges

Liquid Infusion are really pleased with the outcome of their new website and were surprised at how reasonable the cost was, compared to their old website. The design and presentation of their new website has a professional look and feel about it which quickly and efficiently attracts their target market and gets their message across. It is very clear the products and services they offer.

When asked what their biggest challenges were with their old website, Liquid Infusion stated, "the biggest frustration was our navigation. Our old website navigation was difficult and confusing for customers who are not net savvy. Now thanks to Bloomtools my new website is easy to navigate, more operational and meets the usability standards of the Website Standards Association (WSA). I can easily access the backend of my website, to edit and format text, make simple menu and navigation changes and upload and edit images for free from the comfort of my own home or office. As a business owner I am pleased I can change things within my website instantly instead of always calling up someone, which I had to do with my old website. It was difficult and expensive to change minor details on my old website", said Ben the Managing Director from Liquid Infusion.

Objectives of the new website

  • Reflect the comprehensive beverage caterer that we have become
  • Educate clients about the new services and products
  • Display products in a logical manner
  • Build relationships with our clients so we get repeat business
  • Be found within the first few pages within Search Engines

Results since having the website

Since Liquid Infusion has gone live with Bloomtools they have had twice the amount of enquiries thanks to the Form Builder tool. Furthermore 90% of all enquiries now come through the website. The Bloomtools Form Builder allows you to make these forms easily yourself, edit them at anytime and upload them to your website instantly instead of outsourcing it to another company.

Feedback from Liquid Infusion's regular clients have said that is great that they can jump online, easily navigate and get what they want instantly. Clients can really delve into the website for more information on Liquid Infusions comprehensive beverage options on offer.

"Our new website is a living, growing, dynamic online solution. Thanks to Bloomtools every time they make an upgrade to their software our website gets it for free. So we always have the latest online technology and stay up to date with the technological world", said Ben

Since Liquid Infusion have had their new website, they have been drawing lots of traffic. Although early days, it is a great increase on what they were achieving. Now their current traffic sources are through Referral sites at 32%, Search engines at 28% and Direct traffic at 38%. These great results have occurred since they have identified specific keywords relating to their services and implemented a search engine optimisation program.

The photo gallery tool has made it easier for their clients to find about the various services and products they have on offer as well as give them many ideas and examples on how they could use their products. A Bloomtools Photo Gallery is a professional tool for showing your portfolio of work and products, or displaying photos of events or your team.

Where do you see your business heading now that you have a Bloomtools website?

It is still early days but the main areas we see growth is in utilising the power of the Case Studies Manager as it is a great to way to talk to specific niche markets on how they can use our service, educate our customers with ideas, improve search engine ranking and increase sales by attracting new customers and getting past clients to buy again.

Liquid Infusion already have a Twitter account and a Facebook fan page and currently have approximately 2000 fans already and thanks to the Facebook 'Like' button they are able to generate more leads and attention to their website. Both social media accounts are also linked on their website. However they are planning on getting more involved with social media in the future to help increase awareness, build customer relationships and utilise the power of viral marketing, implementing more of the advantages Bloomtools tools have to interact with Social Media sites.

When asked what were their key lessons learnt were - Liquid Infusion found that it was important to make sure you have a clear plan. "Your message must relate to the design, functionality and feel of your website. Potential clients also need to be able to navigate and access all pages within your website. Bloomtools achieved this for me by creating a website that was unique and professional that generated results at the same time!", said Ben.

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