Real estate industry revolutionised by new Bloomtools system

Written on the 5 August 2009

Bloomtools has just launched its Real Estate Website Design service for real estate agents, a complete online software package for marketing properties for sale and rent.

The tool will save agents considerable time and money with their property promotions, offering more functionality than any other system available in the market.

The Real Estate Module enables agents to showcase their properties on their website in a professional, user-friendly gallery and even allows them to submit their properties to sites like, Google Maps Real Estate, and with the click of a button - cutting out the time usually spent duplicating listings.

Bloomtools Director James Greig is excited about the impact this tool will have on the real estate industry.

"We put a lot of research and development into this module to make it the most functional and cost-effective real estate tool available in the industry - there is nothing else out there that gives agents this kind of flexibility and it really will change the way they do business," said James.

"The back-end of the tool is so simple for non-technical agents to manage and the front-end has all the features that web savvy consumers expect from real estate sites these days, inclulding image galleries, advanced search options and shortlisting."

Several real estate agents are already coming on board to use this tool, including well known companies like Ray White.

"We have had a lot of interest from real estate agencies of all size, because the tool has the ability to work for any agency no matter the size of their portfolio and it really will help agents cut back on their administration time and focus on sales," said James.

"When an agent is ready to start getting real results from their online presence, they come to us and we build them a professional website design with a content management system, add in the Real Estate Module and back it up with a range of specially-designed tools such as testimonials, case studies and database marketing - giving them a complete online business solution," James said.

For more information on the Real Estate Module, view the features list here or contact your nearest Bloomtools internet consultant here.