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Essential software for all real estate agents that are serious about using the Internet.

Stand out from the crowd

Want to put your real estate agency streets ahead of your competitors? Want to spend more time on sales and less on administration? You need our world-class Real Estate tool. This is a complete online software package for marketing sales and rental properties with a professional, modern front end design backed up by a functional, streamlined back end.

User friendly system for you and your clients

The front end of the software is built into your Bloomtools Third Generation Website and allows users to easily search and browse through a classifieds-style list of your properties.  They can view property details and images, then add them to a shortlist and contact the appropriate agent in your organisation.  The system has all the features that consumers have come to expect from a professional real estate website.
Real Estate Online | Real Estate Web Design | Real Estate Software | Real Estate Web Developer
Real Estate Online | Real Estate Web Design | Real Estate Software | Real Estate Web Developer

Real Estate Features List

The administration end of the software is where this tool really shines.  It has some fantastic money and time saving functionality, including:

  • Add your listing automatically to, Google Maps Real Estate, and
  • View statistics for how many users view the property and how many enquiries were made.
  • Automatically creates QR codes for your offline marketing.
  • Easily print the one page property brochures for your agency window.
  • Automatically watermark all images with your logo.
  • Easily update a property's status.
  • Give each agent their own page on your site with a biography and contact details.
  • Feature properties on a particular page of your site, such as the homepage.
  • Export the property information to a csv file.
  • Promote new listings on Twitter automatically.
  • Promote your new listings with RSS Feeds.
  • Automatically send an email to potential buyers through the autoresponder.
  • Promote viral marketing with "Send to a friend" functionality.

Database Marketing Integration

The Real Estate Module also integrates with our Database Marketing tool.  This gives you access to a wide range of marketing strategies to help you build relationships with your clients and get more sales.  Some examples include:

  • Easily email property alerts to users that sign up in your database.
  • Send text messages to users in your database when a new property becomes available.
  • Allow users to sign up for educational events, such as "Learn how to invest in property".
  • Export your contact database for promotional campaigns, such as a letterbox drop.
Real Estate Online | Real Estate Web Design | Real Estate Software | Real Estate Web Developer

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Note - no monthly fees apply for the use of this software, but monthly fees may apply to integrate with other real estate websites.