4 Reasons Pinterest Might Be Better For Your Brand Than Facebook or Instagram
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4 Reasons Pinterest Might Be Better For Your Brand Than Facebook or Instagram

Posted on 28 December 2021
4 Reasons Pinterest Might Be Better For Your Brand Than Facebook or Instagram

Pinterest is often neglected in many Australian digital marketing strategies, but brands and businesses that use it are stealing the audience’s attention.

4 reasons Pinterest could be better for your brand or business

Pinterest links work better for businesses

Facebook owns Instagram; wait, are we calling it Meta now? Either way, the team behind both platforms are incredibly talented at keeping people on their websites.

Because of that, it’s built one of the most profitable companies in the world. Business owners and marketing teams noticed that and made social media marketing strategies key in their campaigns.

But who can blame them? It works.

One of the key defining differences between Pinterest and these sites is its links away from its platform. 

Instead of keeping audiences stuck to their feeds, Pinterest will link directly to businesses’:

  • Sales page

  • Opt-in page

  • Ecommerce listing

  • Affiliate offers

  • Blogs

  • Podcasts

  • And more

That means that Pinterest could be a far superior marketing tool to generate leads and traffic into your sales funnel.


Pinterest traffic is targeted

Before you think it, yes, Instagram and Facebook have a much larger audience than Pinterest, but their traffic isn’t targeted. For comparison, Instagram has over 1 Billion users versus Pinterest’s 250 Million.

However, that volume doesn’t mean a whole lot unless you are benefiting from it.

Pinterest has been designed to generate specifically targeted clicks from people already interested in your product, service, or niche. That’s your target market, and if they’re already searching for your niche, they likely have high buyer intent.


Pinterest content lasts longer

According to WebFX’s numbers, the life of a social media post varies significantly over the five big social media platforms.

  • A Tweet can last 24 minutes

  • A post on Facebook can last up to 90 minutes

  • A LinkedIn post could last up to a day

  • An Instagram post could last 48 hours

  • And a Pinterest pin can last over three months

If you’re factoring in your time into your return on investment, a Pinterest Pin will last 1440x longer.

Further, that’s based on averages. If your business’s product or service fits a niche market without many competitors on Pinterest, your pin could last significantly longer.


Pinterest audiences are motivated

Audiences browsing Facebook and Instagram are looking to explore, wind down, relax, and see what their friends are up to lately.

Opposingly, Pinterest users are planners. So much so that 90% of Pinterest users say Pinterest helps them decide what to purchase.

Audiences browsing Pinterest are likely:

  • Planning their next project

  • Trying to learn

  • Exploring hobbies and interests

  • Building shopping lists

Combine that with the links mentioned above, and you’ve got shoppers lining up at your business’ website with their trolleys and baskets.


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