Delivering your images from 31 locations
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Delivering your images from 31 locations

Posted on 9 December 2013
Delivering your images from 31 locations

While half of the Bloomtools team have been improving the software that runs your website, the other half has been improving the infrastructure to ensure that your website is not only fast, but also reliable. So from today, the images on your website are now being served from 31 locations through a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

What is a CDN?

A CDN is a collection of web servers that are distributed across multiple locations in the world, where each stores a copy of all your images. When a user requests to view an image on your site through a gallery or from an email campaign the image is accessed from that user’s closest server.

What does this mean?

Faster Websites - If someone in the United States views your website, instead of downloading images from the Australian Servers, they will be accessed directly from a location in the United States. Quick response times are shown to increase conversions, and are even taken into account when Google is deciding how to rank you in its search results.

Redundancy - The great thing about a CDN is that it means there are many more locations to serve your images from. If one location is unavailable, another one can take over - meaning less downtime, and a greater ability to handle significant spikes in traffic to your site.

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