Master the 6 key objectives of email marketing
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Master the 6 key objectives of email marketing

Posted on 2 February 2015
Master the 6 key objectives of email marketing

Don't click send unless your email marketing campaign achieves the 6 vital objectives that will earn you that click. Emails are more than just writing compelling copy and this alone will not optimise the possibilities of email marketing. Meclabs research reveals the necessary steps to decrease the chance of your email being sent straight to trash.

  1. Arrest attention: make use of attention grabbing subject lines, headlines or images to entice your customer to keep reading. Making a promise or identifying a problem relevant to your target market can be effective ways of doing so.
  2. Build connection: now that you have gained their attention you must follow through and deliver what you have promised, be sure not to mislead. By strongly connecting your headline or image to the body copy you will connect and engage your reader.
  3. Build problem: paint a clear picture of the problem your business solves. At times consumers are unaware of this problem until you point it out to them. When doing so intensify and exaggerate its significance with statistics, case studies or story telling; forcing customers to relate.
  4. Build interest: once the consumer is aware of the problem you must enhance their desire to solve it. Revealing just how easy, effective and important the solution is builds this interest and desire in your business.
  5. Build suspense: get your reader to a related page on your website by keeping them on the hook - offer incentive through a free preview, test or sample of your product. For example, Bloomtools Free Website Assessment allows consumers to see the extent to which the problem affects them before they opt in as a client.
  6. Transfer momentum: when you achieve that click from your email to your website page it is important to ensure this transformation flows. The copy in your email must match and be consistent with that of your pages, then follow through with a strong call to action.

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