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Revamped Database Marketing feature list

Posted on 11 August 2010

Bloomtools new 4.0 Database Marketing system is built to be faster, smarter and easier to use than ever.

"In addition to the new interface improvements and the extra features, the main improvement we are committing to is 'one database for everything'. We want you to have a system where the contact in your Shopping Cart is the same one that attended your event, for example - where you can track all your interactions with a contact from the moment they enter your site, to 10 years down the track," Director James Greig said.

The new features are:

Email Marketing

  • The wizard is improved to make it easier to use, with a raft of new interface changes
  • View your SPAM report while editing your email campaign
  • The HTML editor is now easier to use as the styles will follow you as you scroll down the page
  • There is now an undo button in the editor
  • You can add blog snippets to your campaigns in the same way you can add articles
  • Real Estate properties are easier to add and look better
  • Campaign links can now be tracked through Google Analytics so you can work out which links in your campaign are generating results on your site.
  • You can see the contacts that an email will be sent to on the last step for a final check
  • Twitter can be updated with a tweet as soon as your campaign is sent out.
  • Campaign folders are replaced with labels, to make searching and archiving of Email Campaigns easier.
  • You can now choose from an additional 50+ email templates.
  • Reports can now be viewed on ipads, and iphones as we no longer use flash
  • You can export your email campaigns as csv files

Event Management

  • The interface is upgraded for usability improvements
  • Early bird pricing for tickets
  • Name tag wizard so you can choose the look and feel and information displayed on your name tags
  • Maximum tickets for each ticket type

Contact Database

  • Choose the information you want to appear in your database on the listing table
  • Contacts are now shared between events (they used to be separate databases)
  • You can choose the colors of Subscriptions Groups
  • Sort all fields even the standard ones.
  • Easier bounce management
  • Improved contact importer

Sign Up Form

  • Sign up forms are easier to use, in a wizard
  • Save sign up forms
  • Make changes to sign up forms after they are created (and no need to change the code on the website)
  • You can notify a particular
  • View how many people and who has signed up through each form
  • New confirmation options: - show a confirmation message (website clients only)
                                                     - choose from a page in your website
                                                     - redirect to any URL
  • Choose who you will send notification emails to.
  • Trigger campaigns easier to create, with auto fill on completing a new form

Article Library

  • Create custom snippets
  • Select the snippet length
  • Delete more than one article at a time
  • Give articles a meta description
  • Improved search
  • Export articles


  • New and improved logging of all actions by users.
  • New security settings, including:
    - Force SSL connections
    - Restrict access by IP address
    - Force minimum password length for users
    - Maximum login attempts
    - Session timeouts


  • Settings have moved into one location for everything
    - So setup payment gateways once for shop, events etc.. in the one spot

'Our new 4.0 Database Marketing System is a very exciting development for the SME market, they will now have the facilities to use email marketing effectively like some of the larger corporations and we are proud to provide this to our current clients', said Greig.