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Tree Lopper has too much business

Posted on 17 August 2015

Paul has had a tree lopping business for over 15 years in Brisbane, doing both commercial and residential work.  His reputation and reliability keeps his customers happy, and coming back to him time and time again.

However, wanting to grow his business Paul tried many of the traditional marketing activities like yellow pages, but it wasnt working for him.  So he got a friend to build him a website - but he was still not able to get enough work to be able to have a full time team supporting him and a consistent flow of work.

"It is interesting, I had a website built for me by a small local developer, and my friend had his website built with Bloomtools.  His business took off, but mine didn't change.  You could also see the big difference in quality of websites.  Not only that, he could always get a hold of his team at Bloomtools for help - yet I had to leave messages, then wait for days if not a week to hear back, if at all - it was really frustrating." says Paul.

"Thats when last year I decided to bite the bullet and get a Bloomtools website, and I have never looked back since"

"Now I have so much work it has nearly doubled my team size.  I am 100% more happier about my business as the flow of clients are coming through strongly. "

"And then when I started with Bloomtools doing Adwords for me, wow it really took off.  Shortly after this, I had to give Bloomtools a call and ask to have my adwords budget cut by half, as I had too many leads."

"I would recommend anyone to Bloomtools, it has made a big difference to my business and me"

Paul Pratt -

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