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What we learned from 2013 email marketing trends

Posted on 12 May 2014

Did you think that in the new world of social media connections email would be on the way out? Think again. Email marketing campaigns have become slicker, smarter and are even more likely to boost your sales and broaden your appeal.

Check out a few of the trends that topped the email marketing polls in 2013 and see which ones you could utilise for your own business.

Maximise your immediate impact

The big changes that have taken place in email client displays in the last few years (think smartphones and updates to Gmail) mean you no longer only have the subject line to play with.

When your client receives a new email from you, they are now very likely to also see a short preview of its contents. Use this opportunity to your advantage by crafting enticing opening lines. You should also use responsive email templates, meaning your messages will look good whether accessed from a phone or a desktop client.

Create trigger-based email campaigns

Trigger based emails, are set up once and is sent to an individual based on an action or date.  For example, it maybe that they requested a quote on your website, or downloaded a free report - then from that point on, trigger emails can be automatically received by that person to compliment any offline activity you do, to increase the number of touches a prospect gets, to in turn increase your conversion rate.  

Or you may have a trigger campaign set up for someones birthday, that on their big day they automatically receive an email or SMS campaign from you - this strategy builds loyalty, saves you time, and keeps your business top of mind with your client.

Then you can take it further, where a one-size-fits-all approach to email marketing no longer is as effective. The best strategy to maximise your email potential is to find ways to target your customers depending on their actions.

Trigger-based campaigns work by monitoring how your users act on your website. For example, if you look at a particular product on Amazon and decide not to buy it, there's a good chance you'll find an email suggesting alternatives, similar products or related special deals in your inbox a short while later. This is an effective way to encourage a customer back into your sales funnel.

Increase subscriptions rates with surveys

It can be hard to entice people to sign up for your email list, but introducing surveys is a useful opportunity to boost your numbers.

Introducing short surveys to a number of pages across your website gives you multiple chances to engage with customers and ask for their email addresses once they are already invested. What's more, you can also use the data collected to help improve the rest of your website – a win-win.

Keep your email marketing campaigns up to date and your techniques relevant, and make the most of recent trends this year.

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