You Cann double your leads with Bloomtools
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You Cann double your leads with Bloomtools

Posted on 26 February 2015
You Cann double your leads with Bloomtools

After owning their business for 26 years and growing it mainly through referrals, they were so happy when they launched their new Bloomtools website and their leads doubled!

Cann Cleaning does Vacating/ Bond cleaning on rentals, and commercial work. And being in an industry that is known for the fly-by-nighters who come and do a bad job (get the money and run) ... Glenice and Bob,  are known in the industry for what they stand for - quality workmanship, friendly people, who provide a guarantee and back up of service (if for any reason the client is not happy). This is the reason why some of their first clients, 26 years ago are still with them today.

"Marketing and Advertising for us really relied on Word of Mouth, and for the last year we did flyers. But when we added the website to the mix, that is when our leads doubled. We could not be happier with the results. But also, being people who didn't really know much about the internet, we were amazed how simple and smoothly it went. We love our website, and we only ever get really good comments on it."

"We have also gained a really good alliance due to our website, which could take our business to even greater heights. I couldn't recommend Bloomtools enough, it has injected a new lease of life into our business."

Bob & Glenice Cann - Cann Cleaning Company -

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