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Business Tools For Resellers

As well as our great products, resellers also get a range of tools to run their business.

Everything you need in one system

Bloomtools resellers get access to our complete business administration system, developed in-house to manage your entire business. The simple to use, leveraged system covers quoting, accounting, project management, CRM, technical support and marketing, plus connects you with the team at Bloomtools HQ. You can even add your own non-Bloomtools products to the system and use it to run your whole business.

Mobile business management

The Bloomtools administration system is completely online so you can access it at any time from any computer.  This gives you the freedom to go out of the office and still be able to check the progress of a job or lodge a request with HQ.  The system also has an advanced quoting system which allows you to generate a quote instantly - what a way to impress a potential client in a meeting!

Manage your prospects

The CRM system in your business control centre allows you to manage all your prospects in one place - and staying on top of your leads will help you get more sales.  Functionality includes appointment setting, calendar and call cycles and the system also includes the ability for you to track activities with prospects, such as phone calls and quotes, so with the click of a button you can see what stage they are up to.

Manage your clients

This system ensures you provide great customer service to your clients.  Any emails the client sends you are stored in your conversations area so you can easily respond to and track them.  Emails between you and HQ are stored in the same system so you can manage all your communication in one spot.  Plus, all files and invoices for each client are archived for easy access.

Manage your projects

You will work with the project manager at HQ for all your clients' jobs and our project management system is designed to makes this process as simple as possible.  The system automatically generates and assigns tasks to the relevant team member for each stage of the job, including tasks for you to liaise with your client.  The completion of one task triggers the next to ensure quick turnaround times on jobs and the entire process is tracked for full accountability.

Manage your finances

When you are ready to start a new job, the system automatically generates an invoice and emails it to your clients, and when the payment is processed, the automated tasks begin.  So there's no need to muck around with paper invoices and bank statements - how easy is that!  Plus the system also tracks financial statistics and KPI's, such as sales over time, average dollar sale and outstanding money so you can monitor your business performance.