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Medical Manufacturer Web Design Case Study

Learn how Bloomtools created a professional and functional website for a Medical Manufacturer, helping them succeed online

This manufacturing company produces equipment for the medical industry, focusing on metal disability aids like wheelchairs and walking frames.  They were struggling to compete against the cheaper imports from overseas and also needed an easy way to communicate with and motivate their agents to increase their sales.


  • Branding this manufacturer wanted to establish themselves as the best provider of quality Australian made medical equipment in order to stand out from the cheaper imports.
  • Sales - to increase their sales, the manufacturer wanted an easy way for agents to order stock and also to provide details of stockists so end users could easily find their products.
  • Relationship building to encourage doctors to recommend them, the manufacturer wanted to communicate regularly with doctors and provide them with information resources to increase their brand loyalty.


The medical manufacturer used a Bloomtools 3G Website and a variety of tools to do the following:

  • Highlight their point of difference
    This manufacturer really wanted to focus on the fact that his products are made in Australia and are much higher quality than the cheaper imports that are currently flooding the market.  The design of the site was very streamlined and modern to reflect the manufacturer's professional brand and the Australian-made slogan was featured in the design on every page of the website.  The manufacturer also chose testimonials from his clients that focused on the reliability and quality of his products and then placed them around the site to attract the attention of potential customers.

    Product: Flash Header, Testimonials Manager
  • Build a searchable product directory
    In order to make his website a great information source for agents, doctors and the general public, the manufacturer created a directory of all of his products.  It featured mutliple pictures of each product, detailed sizes and specifications and also information on how and where it could be used.  The directory also had an advanced search option so users could search by use, size and price to help them find what they want. 

    Product: Shopping Cart
  • Introduce online ordering for agents
    The manufacturer wanted to make the ordering process for his agents simple and streamlined to encourage them to order and sell more of his products.  He was tired of the hassle of faxing and posting order forms so he decided to implement an online ordering system that would be easy for his agents and cut his own administration time.  Agents could view the same detailed product directory as the general public but they could use a secure login to access the ordering functionality.  The manufacturer would recieve a notification email every time an order was placed so he could monitor them and the system would automatically send an invoice to the agent.

    Product: Shopping Cart
  • Provide a searchable directory of stockists
    This manufacturer had heard many stories of patients struggling to find where they could purchase medical equipment, so he wanted to make sure that his site had this information readily available.  He created a directory of all the businesses that stocked his products and regularly updated it to make sure their contact details were correct.  Under each business was a list of which products they sold and the directory could be searched by state and product so the general public could easily find and buy his equipment.

    Product: Member Directory
  • Share case studies of their products
    Rather than just simply displaying product sizes and specifications, the manufacturer wanted to engage his end user target market with case studies to show them how his products had helped others, so they could see how they could help them.  He documented six real-life customer stories, explaining their situation and which products they used and then detailing what they saw as the benefits and results they got from these products.  Case studies were linked directly to the products for readers to find out more information and they also linked to the stockists page to encourage them to make a purchase.  To promote the case studies, they featured one each month on the homepage of the site, sent it out in their newsletters, sent it out as a press release to relevant magazines and associations and also encouraged readers to share them with their friends with a prominent link on each one to easily send it on.

    Products: Case Studies Manager,  HTML Area Manager
  • Create a section just for doctors
    As well as his agents, the manufacturer relied on doctors to recommend his products to their patients so he wanted to offer something on his website that would attract doctors and place his brand top of mind. He created a section on his site just for doctors - they could login to a secure page on the site to access research papers related to his products and also guides to which patients to recommend them to.  Giving doctors this extra information helped him to increase his referrals and therefore sales.

    Product: Client Filing System, hidden pages
  • Optimise the site for search engines
    The manufacturer knew that his website was essential to his success because such a large number of people in his target market use the Internet to research medical products.  As soon as he launched his new website, the manufacturer implemented a Search Engine Optimisation program to boost his ranking in the search engines.  With the help of Bloomtools, he chose several keywords to target and also started exchanging links with several medical and manufacturing sites.  Because it takes a long time to get to the top of organic rankings, he also began using Google Adwords to boost his traffic quickly.

    Product: SEO Program, Google Adwords Management
  • Regularly update doctors and agents on new products
    This manufacturer wanted to communicate regularly with his agents and the doctors that referred patients to him to keep them up-to-date on his latest products and industry news.  He compiled a monthly newsletter to go out to his database with articles that linked through to his website to increase his traffic.  As well as information on new products, the newsletter also featured relevant industry articles and research so the manufacturer appeared as the expert.  He also had an arrangement with some business alliances where they supplied him articles on their area of expertise to make his newsletter more valuable.

    Product: Ezy Communicator 

Tools Used

The medical manufacturer used the following tools:

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