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Mobile Rock Climbing Company Web Design Case Study

Learn how Bloomtools created a professional and functional website for a Mobile Rock Climbing business, helping them achieve success online

Joseph has been successfully running his small mobile rock climbing business for several years but was finding that more competitors were starting to enter his niche market. To stay ahead of the pack, he wanted to build a functional website for his business and utilise some creative Internet marketing strategies. He wanted to attract new target markets such as corporate events and schools, build a database of contacts to offer special promotions to and facilitate referrals from past customers.

Stage 1 - Website presence

Joseph got Bloomtools to build his website and their graphic design team came up with a really funky, edgy design for the site to showcase the uniqueness of his mobile unit.  Joseph knew he only had 3 seconds to convince visitors to stay on the site, so he used lots of images in the design to capture their attention and immediately show people having fun. As his primary goal was to get prospects to phone him, he also put his phone number and a link to the contact us page prominently on every page of the site to encourage visitors to take action.

Joseph created a page for each of the markets he wanted to target - corporates, schools, event organisers and kids parties. Each of these pages has carefully written sales copy, a gallery of relevant images, rotational promotional boxes with special offers and multiple calls to action to create a sales funnel for the prospect. Joseph also implemented a tool to capture the details of people that didn't take action - an ebook on each page which visitors could download for free in exchange for their contact details, such as "Top 11 tips for organising a team motivational event' on the corporate page.

The thing that really sets Joseph's site apart from his competitor's is the photo galleries for events. Joseph's team take photos at every event and then upload them into a gallery on the website - they can upload a zip file so it only takes them a few minutes each time - then they send an email campaign to the event organiser with a link to view the gallery. The clients can then easily share the link with friends and family or post it on Facebook or Twitter and all the images are watermarked with Joseph's URL - great viral marketing for getting referrals!

Stage 2 - Driving traffic to the website

Because he was in such a niche market that wasn't too competitive online, Joseph focused on search engine optimisation to drive traffic to his site. He identified the best keywords for each of his target markets then the Bloomtools SEO team helped him optimise the specific pages on his website. The SEO team also constantly worked on getting backlinks to Joseph's site to help improve his PageRank. Joseph also built some really strong alliances with event planning and party hire companies and promoted his business on their websites with backlinks and advertisements. This, combined with the viral marketing and social media sites, kept a steady stream of traffic coming to Joseph's site.

Because word of mouth promotion suited his business so well, Joseph used a lot of offline referral strategies to direct traffic to his website and generate leads, including:

  • Sign up form at every event to get people to sign up to his database
  • Handed out flyers with his website address on them to promote the event galleries on the site
  • Put his URL on everything, including the actual rock climbing walls
  • Added signage to his car to promote his business wherever he went
  • Direct mail to new hotels, conference centres and event locations to promote his business

Stage 3 - Regular communication

Joseph built up a large database of potential clients through sign up forms at his events, networking events and conferences and his website, so he wanted to maximise this database with lots of automated, cost-effective communication. He was a huge fan of Bloomtools' Database Marketing system and implemented a range of strategies to communicate with new prospects and existing clients, including:

  • An automated email to go out to people that signed up for the ebooks, giving more information about the company, testimonials to build trust and calls to action to get them to take the next step.
  • Series of automated emails for new clients prior to their event - 1) thanks for signing up and tips for organising your event, 2) working with us and what we will do on the day, 3) day before the event - we are looking forward to seeing you, last minute tips
  • Follow-up emails to keep the relationship strong, including an email with the link to their personal photo gallery, a feedback survey a month after the event and sales email 3 months later to see if they have any other events coming up
  • Quarterly newsletter for all clients with company news, featured events, promotions and articles from alliances (eg. party planners, motivational coaches)
  • Bi-monthly promotional emails to each target market with a special offer to keep them top of mind for the clients next event

Tools used

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