Bloomtools Gold Coast Central Testimonials

We went from 150 to 4000 visitors a month.

After we started using Bloomtools’ SEO Services, we increased our website traffic from 150 visitors to over 4000 visitors per month.
The extra traffic has a big flow-on affect - more people are able to find us, which means more people are using us, then they go and recommend their friends. Plus, the more traffic I get going to my site, the higher my organic Google ranking becomes!

Our website is now the main way potential customers find us, so it’s important that the website is functional and looks great. We’re really pleased with the Bloomtools web design. It allows us to feature all our different packages, and if anything changes we can update the website within minutes so our visitors are always getting the most up-to-date information.

Russell & Pamela | Red Pear Catering

We earn 10% of our revenue while we sleep!

Having a Bloomtools Shopping Cart allows us to make money 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it’s making a significant difference to our earnings.

Being a service based business we were really trapped in the day to day operations of our business. Having a Bloomtools online store means that we can now make more money for very little effort. 32% of our Shopping Cart revenue is generated from overseas buyers, something we could never achieve with a physical location alone and our database includes over 1500 online-shoppers, people who probably would have never found us if we didn’t have an online presence like the one we do.

As well as physical products, we have downloadable products that we offer too, which the Bloomtools website has helped us to manage. We have DVDs and e-books that we offer for purchase as direct downloads that go straight from our site to the customer’s computer, which is great as we don’t have to pick, pack and post the items, saving us a stack of time and money! In fact, we get three times as many orders for e-downloads than physical DVDs, so it’s been great for us in many ways.

The Bloomtools Shopping Cart is great and I have found the ‘back end’ of the store software very easy to use - it’s easy to do promotions, special offers and to offer discounts online. Our website and shopping cart has really helped to give us a passive income stream and has really boosted our revenue overall.

Jade Winter | Studio Pilates

We tripled our sales in 3 months

We converted to the Bloomtools Shopping Cart and in just three months it was significantly outperforming our old cart. It was the best decision we’ve made for our business yet.

As we operate solely online, 100% off our revenue is captured through our shopping cart, therefore it is very important to us that our website is performing at its maximum potential. We were absolutely delighted to see such an increase in sales when we converted to the Bloomtools Shopping Cart - all in the first three months as well!
After converting to Bloomtools, our monthly unique visitors has increased by 200%. We also opted for the Bloomtools Database Marketing, which has increased the traffic through our shopping cart dramatically. Of course, the more traffic you get, the more leads and sales your are likely to acquire, so this extra exposure has really been a game changer for us.

Our customers often comment on the ease of useand great design of our website. It reflects our professionalism as a business and having an online presence like ours really helps to boost our visibility to our potential customers. If I need to update my Shopping Cart, or anything else for that matter, I simply login, make the changes and they happen instantly. This means I’m always able to offer my website visitors the most up-to-date information about my business and products which really helps with my customer service and satisfaction.

If you’re wanting to sell products online, I would definitely recommend the Bloomtools Shopping Cart and Database Marketing system.

Dean Butterworth | Home Storage and Living

We now get 1000 new website visitors every day

Before choosing Bloomtools, we were getting 100 website hits a day, which we thought was a good number. Then we got our Bloomtools’ website and, in just seven months, our website traffic has risen to 1000 new visitors daily. That’s a ten-fold increase! - Ben, Just Watches
Our website is enabling us to become a national watch retailer, rather than just a local company. Previously, we had little or no chance of securing interstate customers, but now they’re finding us instead of our competitors. In fact, our website revenue is now equal to ⅓ of our store sales, so it’s making a huge difference to our bottom line. At this rate of growth, we’re expecting our online store to have the same turnover as our shop by the end of 2011.

Customers love our online ordering system. The Shopping Cart is easy to use, and the integrated Database Marketing sends an automated email as soon as the order is placed letting the customer know it has been received and that dispatch will begin shortly. It’s this kind of service that has seen our customers return to us time and time again.

Bloomtools’ Support team are great. Anytime we’ve needed help, we get an answer either immediately, or within a very short period of time. We are not computer or website intelligent people but are never made to feel that way when dealing with the Bloomtools team. When we need something new from the web design team, they take the time to find the right solution for us, rather than just selling us another tool. Bloomtools have always had a solution to every suggestion I’ve made for our website - we haven’t found something that has stumped them yet!

Ben Martin | Just Watches

Our website paid for itself in two weeks

Designer Wardrobes specialises in the manufacture and installation of custom built wardrobes, all made to client specifications. Our Bloomtools Third Generation Website has enabled us to take our business to the next level - Susan, Designer Wardrobes.
As soon as our Bloomtools’ Website went live, we started to receive online business enquiries. In fact, we received so many leads that our website had paid for itself in just two weeks! These days, most of our new business enquiry is via our site, and we always receive very favourable comments regarding its ease of navigation and general appearance.

Bloomtools is very easy to work with. What was promised to us by the team was delivered on time and within budget, and their ongoing support has been flawless and prompt. In fact, they had the site built before we had time to provide all the photos to go with it!
We are extremely happy with the finished product from Bloomtools and it has been money well spent.

Susan & Yorke | Designer Wardrobes

We saved over $13,000 on marketing

Before subscribing to Bloomtools’ Search Engine Optimisation Service we were spending over $18,000 annually on web and print media. We dropped that huge expense, opted for the Bloomtools SEO and are getting better results than ever at a much lower cost!
It was a huge step for us to completely remove print media from our marketing plan. Having been around for over ten years, we were of the opinion that you had to invest in print media in order for your customers to find you. Until we got a Bloomtools website, and invested in their SEO service, we had no idea just how much revenue could be generated from the Internet.

These days we are getting more leads than ever before. Since beginning the SEO program we’ve doubled our website visitors and our revenue has followed. Word-of-mouth has always been our best form of advertising, but by having a website that’s easy to find we’re able to capitalise on the fact that most purchases are researched online first. We’d definitely recommend a Bloomtools website to any industry.

Melissa & Ben Airey | AC Fitouts

Tim Lunn

Polymedic is delighted to have finally found in Bloomtools a Web Design company that delivers on its promises (thanks Lee Anne).

We now have a Web Site that is functional, easy to Navigate for the user and has a nice flow of design.

We are also thrilled to have the ability to load up our latest product designs and modifications directly into our Website ourselves (with a little coaching assistance from Lee Anne and Karen)

We have no hesitation in recommending Bloomtools to any company seeking a positive partnering experience with their Web designer and a great outcome.

Tim Lunn, Polymedic |

Graham Eagles

When searching globally for an organisation with the genuine capability of designing and building a unique website with state of the art on-line capabilities to our budget, we (Productivity Australia) discovered the Bloomtools – Gold Coast Team. Immediately we were pleasantly surprised with the service and interaction, being able to take a hands on role, working with their team discussing possibilities, scoping the project with technicians, designers and developers to produce what we believe is a world best in class website ( ). The website has user friendly, unique access to 90 pages, plus on-line training and e-commerce from the home page. The service was fantastic, a learning experience, very professional and nothing was too much trouble, especially from the front office from the Gold Coast team of Karen and Lee, they made the project experience an enjoyable one.

Graham Eagles, Productivity Australia |

Michael Corrigan

Bloomtools Gold Coast Central assisted Platinum Employee Relations by putting together a web site that has the latest technology and a database marketing system that gives us the ability to set up marketing campaigns at the press of a button. It’s simple, cost-effective and great value for our business.

Michael Corrigan, Platinum Employee Relations |

Greg Nettle

Our website was brilliant and had lots of good stuff on it to show customers our full range of services and to give them valuable extra information – but we just couldn't get them to use the site! However, since we started using email marketing to send a series of automated welcome letters and newsletters to our clients that directed them to parts of the site, we've been amazed by the increase in website traffic and now, the increase in sales

Greg Nettle, Signxtreme |