Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Set-up

As of July 2023, Universal Analytics will no longer process data.

Not prepared? Let us handle the configuration, setup and testing of your GA4 build.

Google Analytics 4 Setup Costs: Get expert support with your GA4 migration

If migrating your Universal Analytics to GA4 seems a bit overwhelming, we can sort it all out for you with a personalised Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 migration plan.

We will use Google Tag Manager to implement the necessary GA4 tags and any other tracking codes your website is running. Pricing depends on the level of tracking and reporting you require and whether we need to get it all up and running from scratch or not. Please see our pricing estimates below.

Bloomtools | Google Analytics

Our process

  1. Tracking identification:  Review your list of tracking requirements and business goals to identify the best plan for setting up your events through to conversions
  2. Access:  You give us access to your tag management platforms such as your existing Google Analytics property and if you have it, your Google Tag Manager
  3. Set up GA4 (and GTM if needed)
  4. Implementation of your events, tags and triggers. 
  5. Review and test to confirm tagging set up

Why do I need a GA4 configuration service?

Although GA4 offers numerous advantages compared to Google Universal Analytics, establishing and adjusting a GA4 property can be a complicated and lengthy procedure. To steer clear of typical mistakes and guarantee that your GA4 property is customised to suit your company's requirements, Bloomtools GA4 configurations service get it done for you before Universal Analytics expires.


1. GA4 Essential Insights

$399 + GST

> Google Analytics 4 Custom Setup
> Google Tag Manager Basic Setup
> Up to 3 Custom Events & Conversions

Our Essential Insights package focuses on tracking key events that are crucial for understanding visitor behaviour and ensuring they take the desired actions. With our goal of measuring actions such as form submissions, phone calls, and clicks on your call-to-action, we provide you with the essential data you need to optimise your website's performance. This package includes three custom events and conversions, allowing you to gain valuable insights into user engagement.

2. GA4 Advanced Analytics

$799 + GST

> Google Analytics 4 Advanced Setup
> Google Tag Manager Advanced Setup
> Up to 7 Custom Events & Conversions
> Custom Audiences 

Designed for businesses seeking a deeper understanding of their website's performance, our Advanced Analytics package expands on the Essential Insights package, allowing you to measure a broader range of user interactions, giving you enhanced visibility into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and user journey. Additionally, we create custom audiences tailored specifically to your unique marketing strategy, enabling you to reach the right audience at the right time and drive better results.

3. Customised Solution


> Google Analytics 4 Custom Setup
> Google Tag Manager Custom Setup
> Unlimited Events & Conversions
> Custom Audiences 
> E-commerce & Funnel Tracking
> Monetisation Reporting
> GA4 Integrations Setup

Introducing our Customised Solution: Tailored Analytics and Ecommerce Tracking package. We understand that every business is unique, with its own specific objectives and requirements. That's why we offer a fully customised analytics solution designed to meet your organisation's distinct needs. Our goal is to help you unlock the full potential of Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager, providing you with the insights and tools necessary to make data-driven decisions.

Please note: Every website, app and Google Analytics setup is unique. We'll assess your site and provide an up-front quote if the GA4 work required for your site is more than the pricing package you select.

After July 1, 2023, you'll be able to access your previously processed data in your Universal Analytics property for at least six months only at this stage. After that it will be removed.   So if you are wanting to know your historical data you need to export it to Looker Studio through a reporting API, or CSV download of all your reports, or Google Sheet add on for Analytics.   If you would like us to do this for you we most certainly can. The pricing will be determined based on the amount of data that needs to be processed.  Please contact us below for a personalised quote.

If you are unsure which package works for you, just contact us and let us work with you to establish what you need.

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