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Our Target Market

Learn more about the market that you will be selling to as a Bloomtools franchisee.

Bloomtools target clients are the hundreds of thousands of small to medium businesses that are in their growth stage. These businesses know the future of marketing their business is via the Internet, but they struggle with how to make it work for their business and how to go about it. They need a reliable Internet partner like Bloomtools to help them break through the confusion and build their online presence.

Bloomtools has spent a lot of time carefully researching this market and crafting products and services that meet the needs of these businesses. Even the Bloomtools name is a reflection of our understanding of our target clients "we create simple Internet tools to help businesses bloom".

As a Bloomtools franchisee, you get the very exciting task of working every day with the entrepreneurial and growth-minded owners of these businesses to assist them in maximising the value of their business through the Internet.

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