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My website paid for itself 5 times in 9 months!

Nicole | Client Success Stories

As a brand new business, I needed to start making sales right away to cover my set-up costs. By getting a Bloomtools Shopping Cart, I was able to start selling as soon as my stock arrived... and the orders have been rolling in ever since!

Rather than taking the traditional retail route - getting the stock, opening a boutique store with huge rental overheads, and then considering ecommerce - I decided right from the outset that I wanted to make my online store my main retail outlet...and it's worked! As soon as my Bloomtools Website and Shopping Cart went live, I started selling my products. In fact, I've sold so much stock online that the website has paid for itself five times over in the nine months it's been live.

My customers and friends tell me that the Shopping Cart is really easy to use. They know exactly where to find the products they want, the payment options are really secure, and the design is really attractive, so they feel very comfortable buying my products online.

As part of my business plan, I decided I wanted to host regular events so that I could meet my customers and allow them to check out my product range in person. The Bloomtools Database Marketing system includes a great Event Management tool that allows me to promote my events on my website, accept ticket sales, and send out reminders to my attendees. Because the system is easy to use I save lots of time on the administration side, so I can spend more time organising the details of my choosing tasty snacks and good champagnes!

Bloomtools have a range of add-on website tools that I've found really helpful too. The Promo Boxes allow me to change the look and feel of my website with ease, and they are an eye-catching way of letting my website visitors know about my latest releases or discounts. I'm having heaps of fun with the blog too! I use it as a way of expressing my personality so that people can get to know me - and my brand - a little more personally. My blog posts are not just about my products. They include a range of different topics like my new favourite recipe, or latest inspiration - because I want people to enjoy hanging out on my website instead of just going there to shop.

I would definitely recommend a Bloomtools Website and Shopping Cart to others. It's easy to use, looks great, and really gets the kind of results you'd be looking for as a small to medium sized business.


Bloomtools would like to thank Nicole for her kind words.