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Top 10 Reasons why so many businesses are choosing Bloomtools

Guaranteed Results

Because we believe in our tools so strongly, we guarantee that you'll be better off with us than without us. We've spent years developing and perfecting our tools, testing them in the market, and ensuring that they are getting the best results for our clients, which is why we offer you a guarantee on the results you'll get.

Never buy another website again

Unlike other website development companies, when you choose Bloomtools, you'll never need to build another website again. Why? For starters, we use the SAAS model which means you receive free, automatic updates to your website tools, keeping you at the forefront of technology all the time. Furthermore, if you need to add new functionalities to your website, we can add a new tool quickly and easily without a complete redesign. Bored of the way your website looks? We can reskin it at a fraction of the cost of building a new one. So, your Bloomtools website can grow and change as your business does.

Made for SMEs

We designed our products and services with the SME owner, like you, in mind. We understand that you are time poor and looking for the most affordable solution for your business. Our websites are easy to learn, easy to use, really affordable and are designed to solve your challenges in a way that keeps in mind the uniqueness of your business. We're not a sales force - we're your Internet Solutions provider.

World Class infrastructure

With Bloomtools hosting your online solutions, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your data is secure in a sophisticated hosting environment. We have the latest technology that ensures no one point of failure in the system can bring your website down, and the building that houses the system has 24/7 security and the best fire prevention equipment available. Your online solutions are safe with Bloomtools.

We're local

We are Australian owned and Australian grown, but our products are International in quality. We care about service, which is why we are local and can come and see you to offer our support. Our national network of consulting staff, including our expert team at head office,  will always be on hand to help you out.


If you're looking for a Website that meets International standards, then you've come to the right place. We ensure that all our websites meet the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium as well as the Website Standards Association. Why is this important? It means your website will be designed with usability in mind, so your users can get what they want quicker.

World Class Products

Our products are world class, period. Our suite is one of the largest in the market today and allows you to start off with a small solution, then grow it as you need - even to the point where it can act as an entire platform for you to run your business on, including everything from how you attract your customers, to how you get them to stay with you and spend more 10 years later. But the benefits don't stop there - every one of our tools and products can be accessed by you from the one login and everything works together in one seamlessly integrated unit.

Simple to use

Spend less time navigating the technical challenges of keeping your website up to date, and more time focused on your business, with our simple to use Content Management System (CMS). It's so simple, in fact, that anyone could quickly and easily update their website without having any technical knowledge at all. If you've ever used word, you'll be able to use our CMS.


Our prices are great for the quality of the product that we provide. We are not the cheapest option available, nor the most expensive, but definitely one of the best when you weigh up what you're getting for your money. With prices starting from $2800, and a typical site costing between $5k and $8k, we are well suited to the budget of the average SME. Plus, we offer excellent payment plans to get you up and running sooner, without the upfront cost.


We are a firm believer in free client education, so a big part of what we do is give you access to our ongoing educational materials including webinars, online articles, phone support within business hours and an extensive support knowledge base that you can access online whenever you need help - and we do all this for you for free, just for being a client.