Building trust and credibility on your website

In a physical store or business, a secure and comfortable environment is created by the visually appealing layout and tangible products, plus the helpful sales people and informative signs/brochures/banners etc.  You can quickly and easily find out anything you need to know before you buy and there is always someone there to answer your quest...

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Gen Y Online Shopping Stats

If your business sells to Generation Y consumers, it's essential that you understand how they shop.  Here are some recent statistics from Hitwise Intelligence to give you some hints: Bricks and mortar searches much more dominant than online brands. 18-24 year old females and males were both more likely to search for bricks and mortar brands...

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Ask Bloomtools: How to sell your products online and make more money

Times are changing - consumers don't always go in to stores to buy things any more.  Now more than ever, they are buying online.  In fact, 54% of Australian internet users say that they have purchased a product online in the last three months, according to a report released by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (A...

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