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Use the Internet to make sales this Holiday Season

Everyone is saying the market is slowing down, so most businesses are not carrying out any new strategies to generate revenue over the Christmas New Year holiday period. Well, guess what?  With less businesses marketing, the ones who are will get results!  So here are some quick suggestions for our clients to get ahead with their Da...

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Tips for great email newsletters

So some expert has told you that it's not worth your while to do a newsletter because every man and his dog has a newsletter and people are sick of having their inboxes filled up with junk? That expert does have some valid points - lots of companies send newsletters and people are sick of spam - but that doesn't mean you should ca...

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Get more readers with punchy email subject lines

Once you have written all the content within your email marketing, it’s all done and ready to be sent out, right? Wrong! You’ve forgotten the subject line, one of the most crucial factors in email marketing success.

The subject line is what appears alongside your name (the sender) in your recipient’s email inbox and identif...

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Building your database of contacts

Most successful businesses have a large database of contacts, including clients, past clients, prospects, alliances and suppliers, which they keep up-to-date and fully utilise.

This is why your contact list is a goldmine for your business. The number and variety of strategies (eg.  email marketing, ecards, value adding, referrals, event...

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Getting your emails opened

Email marketing has become a popular way for businesses to engage in regular communication with their prospects and customers, because it is simple to use and highly cost-effective. However, as the popularity of email marketing has grown, so has the amount of spam we receive in our email inboxes on a daily basis. In order to combat the increase...

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