Internet Marketing

Starting your own online community

Online communities are a great way to get your customers and prospects interacting with your business. Establishing a community group on your website is also an effective way to boost your site traffic and generate leads. For more information on these groups and the people that participate in them, read my other article. To build a group aro...

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Getting the most out of your online advertising

To get great results from sales, seminars, whitepapers or other promotions your business is running, you will need to advertise them online. Online advertising is a relatively cost-effective method for attracting your target audience to your promotions and getting conversions.

The different types of online advertising include Pay-Per-Click ...

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Get your online and offline marketing working together

Most businesses spend a large percentage of their profits on promoting their business online and offline to their customers. However, many of these businesses are missing out on the full benefit of their marketing activities because they are not integrating the offline activities with their online presence.

Integration is very important bec...

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Easy ways to generate leads for your business

All businesses need to be spending some time and money on generating leads, because new leads mean more sales and greater profits. The key to lead generation is using a variety of strategies at the one time. Just advertising your business in a local newspaper probably won't generate a large number of leads for you to turn into customers yo...

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The top 6 ways businesses are boosting their website traffic for free

Without traffic, a website is a billboard in a desert - seen by no one and a complete waste of money.  To make your website a worthwhile investment for your business, you need to put some effort into promoting it. The good news is that there are many free ways to generate traffic to your website - all they will cost is some of your time...

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