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A Beginner's Guide to Customer Surveys

Posted by Bloomtools on 10 October 2019
A Beginner's Guide to Customer Surveys

Are you listening to your customers? If you're not, it's possible you're missing some very important feedback that could help you better serve your customers and keep them coming back, and most importantly, referring your business to their friends. It also helps you improve your marketing because you'll understand your customers needs better.

Before you send out a survey to your email list, or via your social media channel, it's important to make sure your questions are clear and well written, which means having a goal in mind as to what you want to achieve from your survey. Here's some ideas on what types of things a survey can help you achieve:

  • Discover what your existing customers like (or don't like) about doing business with you, so you know what areas of your business needs improving.
  • Find out what's important to your customers.
  • Send a thank you survey to your customers after they purchase to get feedback.
  • Test interest on a new idea you have for a service, product, or a system.
  • A survey can even be used as part of your lead generation strategy. This can be beneficial for people who are researching or in the consideration stage.
  • You could create a fun quiz to get a better understanding of a subject matter. This can help you create better content to engage with and educate your potential customers. You could even make your quiz a competition!

Get more engagement with your surveys

Let's be honest. Most people aren't going to get excited about completing a survey. That's why it's important to keep surveys short, simple to answer, and motivate people to take part.

  • Make sure your survey is appropriate to where you clients are within your sales cycle.
  • Don't make your survey take longer than 5-7 minutes to complete.
  • Don't use too many open ended questions.
  • Keep your questions simple and free from jargon or technical language (unless it's appropriate).

Offer an incentive

Everyone loves being appreciated! Why not offer a value add (gift) or a discount on the next purchase from you, for everyone who completes your survey.

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Author: Bloomtools