ACCC cracks down on dodgy websites
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ACCC cracks down on dodgy websites

Posted on 26 September 2008

Australia's corporate watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, has conducted a sweep of Australian websites this week looking for sites that make fraudulent and deceptive claims.

As part of a global operation under the banner of the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network, the ACCC has checked hundreds of websites for dodgy claims, scams and misleading messages in an attempt to ensure online traders follow the same rules as other businesses. 

In the sweep of 750 websites, the ACCC came across 140 which were making dubious claims and potentially scamming consumers.  Some of the problem sites included:

  • Family geneology sites
  • Lottery and ticketing sites
  • Sites selling body enhancement products
  • Mobile ringtone sites
  • Complementray medicine sites
  • Work-from-home schemes

These sites will now be further investigated by the ACCC and site owners will be forced to substantiate their claims.  This investigation is a step towards making the web safer for consumers.