Add a blog to your website, and we'll donate the proceeds to the Qld Flood Appeal
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Add a blog to your website, and we'll donate the proceeds to the Qld Flood Appeal

Posted on 12 January 2011
Add a blog to your website, and we'll donate the proceeds to the Qld Flood Appeal

As you probably know, a number of areas in Central and South East Queensland, as well as Northern NSW, are being affected by very serious flooding. The team here at Bloomtools wanted to find a way to help the flood victims, so we've put together an offer* that will be great for you, and great for those who'll need help recovering from the disaster.

Throughout January, when you buy the Blog tool for your Bloomtools website, we'll donate 100% of the price to the QLD Flood Appeal. But that's not all we're also dropping the RRP of the Blog tool down to $350, saving you up to $300 as a gift for you too. So not only will you be helping those in a time of need, you'll also be saving money and adding value to your website.

Why do people rave about blogs?

Blogs are a great addition to any website and are flexible enough to suit any industry. Like the blog you're reading now, you can keep your website readers up to date with your company and industry news, but here's a few extra benefits that you'll enjoy with a blog:

  • Improve your Search Engine Ranking - Blog entries assist with Search Engine Optimisation and are highly valued by Google. If you need assistance getting on Page 1 for your keywords, blogs are a great idea.
  • Interactivity Have your website visitors stay at your website longer by allowing them to read and respond to your blogs.
  • Social Media Integration - Blogs integrate seamlessly with your social media accounts, allowing you to update your website and Facebook or Twitter at exactly the same time. It also helps encourage your followers back to your website and saves you time by populating your social media accounts directly.
  • Creates a point of difference - Stand out from your competitors by developing a unique blog that demonstrates your strengths and personality. This encourages existing clients to stay with you, and prospective clients to start working with you rather than your competitors.
  • Be the expert Blogs are a great way of coming across as the expert in your field. Offer the advice and information that others in your industry don't and build stronger business relationships.


I'd like a blog, but I don't have the time to keep it up to date.

Forget the idea that blogs need to be longwinded, article-style entries. In this day of Twitter, Facebook updates and text messages, the micro-blog has become just as effective as the traditional blog. Even if you've only got one paragraph of information you wish to write about, a blog will allow you to convey that message quickly and loudly over the Internet.
Just setting aside 30 minutes a week to write a quick blog update featuring some useful information will be enough to keep your SEO working and your followers interested. Once you get started with blogging, you'll actually surprise yourself with how much information you have to offer, and it also allows you to respond quickly to news that's related to your industry.

Why are Bloomtools doing this?

Here at Bloomtools, we have a strong history of volunteering and community mindedness and we are always one of the first companies to lend a helping hand when we see someone in need. With this offer, we'll not only be helping the victims of the Queensland floods, but we'll also be helping you get the most out of your online presence at a greatly reduced rate. The beginning of 2011 has already seen enough challenges for the people of Australia, so we'll do what we can to help improve the lives of everyone.

To take advantage of this special offer, contact your local Bloomtools Consultant before the 28th of January.

*Offer applies to existing and new Bloomtools Website clients. Blog must be paid for in full by 5pm, January 30, 2011. The full cost of the Blog tool will be donated to the QLD Flood Appeal.