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Don't be a social media junkie

Posted on 29 July 2013

In a world of information overflow, it is easy to get swept up in social media fads. Many small business owners feel the pressure to invest huge amounts of time and effort into their Facebookpage, Twitter account, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest the list goes on.

But the reality is that spreading yourself too thin across many social media channels isn't the best approach for business results. This advice may seem counter intuitive when so many brands are benefiting from social, but it's the strategy behind it not the quantity of posts that counts.

Don't overdo it

As any small business owner knows there are limited hours in the day. You have to choose the most effective areas in which to spend them. A social media strategy can drive sales when done right, but it's smart to questionwhich platform is right for your business and start out small. Chances are that being active on every social media platform is not the most effective use of your time.

Pick your platforms

Rather than signing up to every channel and duplicating content across each one, keep your social media accounts limited and do them well. Choose which platforms will benefit your business. This is directly related to the characteristics and interests of your audience and what they currently use (ask them), as well as the content you have to share. If you're a creative business, striking imagery might be important so establishing a strong presence on Instagram or Facebook makes sense. For B2B marketing, LinkedIn is often the best bet. Google+ would be worth your time, because your search ranking and Google profiles (like Google Local) need the boost.

Don't forget about the supporting social channels like blogs, forums, Digg or Reddit. Over 70 per cent of social media communication happens on these channels and is then shared via platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Build on your business foundations

Choose one or two mediums where your target market is active and be clear about your aims, whether it's generating leads, driving sales or increasing traffic to your website. Use your social presence to achieve clear objectives. It will help you figure out where to focus your attention.

Automate where possible

Automating distribution of your content across multiple platforms is a major timesaver. For example, you can use software that shares posts from your blog across Facebook and Twitter at a pre-chosen time, driving followers back to your website. Check out Bloomtools social media share functions

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