Email marketing: Top tips that will keep your customers coming back
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Email marketing: Top tips that will keep your customers coming back

Posted on 4 February 2014

Don't be fooled into thinking that in a world of social media sites and instant connections, email marketing in losing its clout. In fact, it remains one of the most effective ways to communicate directly with your customers and is an excellent way to drum up repeat business.

Staying fresh and memorable

While social media sites are great for sharing new information with customers, they are also crowded and busy places, so it's easy for your message to get lost in the noise.

What's more, not everyone checks their social sites once a day – or even once a week – while the McKinsey Global Institute reports that the average person spends around 13 hours a week dealing with their emails. A good email marketing campaign can ensure you stay fresh in your customers’ minds and tempt them back to your website.

Offering tailored content

Another big benefit of email campaigns is the fact that you can offer a personal touch. Always ask for a first name when signing new members up to your contact list and make use of it in your emails and subject lines.

Your email marketing strategy also provides the opportunity to tailor your content to match your demographic. Do you have an email list of people who've previously bought a certain type of product? Be sure to send them a message when that product goes on sale. Do you have customers who have been receiving your newsletter for a number of years? Offer them a bonus deal to thank them for their loyalty.

Use the power of automation

Your Database Marketing solution will enable you to send out trigger (automated) emails to your prospects and clients.  These email campaigns not only save you time, but the results they achieve combined with the benefits you get from the strengthening of your client or prospects relationship, makes them so valuable.  eg. Further teasers to build up the relationship and encourage prospects back to your business or website; Series of welcome emails to add value to a new clients relationship with you and your business; Happy Birthdays, special timed offers and other relationship building emails etc.

Get your customers on board

To encourage customers to sign up in the first place, offer them a deal or discount that's only available to subscribers. You should also make sure it's very easy to sign up:

• Publish a form on the homepage of your website.
• Keep a registration sheet by the till in your shop or reception desk of your office.
• Introduce a text-to-join scheme.
• Add subscription links to all your social platforms.

Once you've made a connection with a customer, don't let them forget about you. Use regular, friendly emails as a way of staying in touch and enticing customers back to your business.

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