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Events Software Update

Posted on 13 April 2015
Events Software Update

Bloomtools events software has undergone a makeover!

This latest product update has changed the previous registration process. Before, the software had trouble when a user registered additional tickets when they had an existing registration or if they used their email address on a separate event with different contact details.. but now, by implementing a user login and password the process has been enhanced!

The main benefits are:

  • Clients can easily add new attendees to an existing registration
  • All fields in the checkout process are auto-filled
  • Contact details won't be overridden like they currently are if they use their email address against another contact
  • Clients can manage previous registrations, invoices and make payments
This software removes the hassle of organising events by simplifying the process of attendee registration, payment and confirmation. For more information on the event software and how it can enhance your business call you local Bloomtools Consultant for a chat.
James GreigAuthor:James Greig
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