Everything You Need To Know About Secondary CTAs
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Everything You Need To Know About Secondary CTAs

Posted on 10 April 2023
Everything You Need To Know About Secondary CTAs

What are Secondary CTAs?

A secondary CTA is a call-to-action that provides an alternative conversion opportunity or action to the primary action you ideally want visitors, prospects, or leads to take. This CTA is generally featured less prominently than your primary CTA, and it can be an excellent way to further engage and capture people who may not find the offer in your primary call-to-action appealing.

For instance, your primary CTA might be to purchase one of your courses . As a secondary CTA, you might ask visitors to download a free ebook , which requires just their email address. By offering this secondary conversion opportunity, you can capture people who may have moved on from your website without taking any action at all. Even though you may not have captured them as a lead or sale, they're now a subscriber in your system  to market in the future.

Why Are Secondary CTAs Beneficial?

Secondary CTAs can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. They're Great for Generating Reconversions

Your primary CTA should align with the person's position in the sales funnel. However, if someone isn't ready to take the next step, they might still crave the educational content you're promoting in your secondary CTA. Even if that reconversion isn't elevating the status of your lead, that lead is still engaging with your content. With marketing software technology like smart fields and progressive profiling, each conversion enables you to gather even more information and intelligence about that lead that you can use to craft more personalised lead nurturing campaigns.

  1. They're Great for Progressing Leads to the Next Stage

You can never truly know when a given person is ready to take the next step. By giving leads the secondary option of progressing further, it's a win-win!

  1. They Help You Prioritise and Support Additional Business Goals

Your CTAs don't always have to be encouraging conversion on a landing page. A call-to-action is just that - a call to action. Perhaps you're trying to grow your social reach, so you use your secondary CTA to encourage people to follow you on social media. Or maybe, because you know how social sharing impacts things like SEO, you choose to use your secondary CTA to encourage people to share the blog post they just read on social media. Using both a primary and secondary CTA enables you to prioritise and balance your goals, whether they're focused on lead generation or otherwise.

Best Practices for Choosing Secondary CTAs

A secondary CTA can promote just about anything a primary CTA can. However, the offer you choose for your secondary CTA should depend heavily on context. Consider the following contextual considerations when choosing your secondary CTA or deciding on its look, feel, or placement:

  • What stage of the buyer's journey is the person in?
  • What is the primary CTA you're using?
  • What is the offer in the secondary CTA, and how does it relate to the primary CTA?
  • What are your overall business goals, and how can a secondary CTA support those goals?


By incorporating secondary CTAs into your marketing initiatives, you can capture more leads and engage with potential customers in a more personalised way. Remember to consider context when choosing your secondary CTA and use them to support your business goals. Whether you're generating reconversions, progressing leads to the next stage, or prioritising and supporting additional business goals, secondary CTAs can be a valuable addition to your marketing strategy.

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