Five ways you could be losing customers
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Five ways you could be losing customers

Posted on 23 September 2013
Repeat customers are key to small business success, especially in the early days, so it pays to put as much effort into keeping them as attracting new business. Here are five areas where you could be losing customers without even realising it.

1. Poor product or service

The most obvious reason people don't go back to a company is because they're not satisfied with what they paid for. Surveys of your new customers are a great way to see what you're doing wrong. There are a number of different things you might hear and although it might not be pleasant, these people are telling you how to improve your business.  (Bloomtools client note: Surveys come free with our Database Marketing, and can be set up to be sent out automatically to your new clients after a set number of days).

2. No loyalty program

Loyalty programs can be a great way to ensure repeat business. One of the best examples of this is in coffee shops, where buying 10 drinks gets one free. Shops that offer such a deal might not always have the tastiest coffee, but the free drink offer means customers are likely to keep coming back.

3. Competitor initiatives

It's unlikely you're the only company doing what you do, so if you notice one of your competitors has a promotion or an advertising campaign running, it’s likely to affect your customer base. Think of a way to compete with, or better, their offer to help keep your customers happy and maybe to gain a few new ones in the process. (Bloomtools client note: Market this predominantly on your website within the design - Promo boxes, in your email signatures, and email campaigns)

4. Poor customer service

One thing that annoys customers greatly is a lack of after-purchase assistance. If they've bought a product from you they expect help when they don't how it works, when it breaks and when a new model comes out. If they don't get a good reply they're likely to remember your reluctance to assist when the time comes to buy a replacement.  (Bloomtools client note: Use technology to assist you on who to call who and when and more with our CRM - Customer Relationship Management solution)

5. People forget about you

No matter how good your business is, sometimes customers just forget about you. To remind them, make sure you get their email address and send the occasional email with useful information or coupons. People may be wary of giving out a real address, so be sure to offer an incentive for doing so. A gym could offer to send a free e-book on post-workout tips or a bottle shop could offer a wine-pairing guide – something that's of value, isn't a sales push and helps remind them of you.

By taking a clear look at where you might be going wrong, you can identify any weak spots and introduce solutions to improve your business.

(Bloomtools client note:  If you want to learn how technology can increase your sales from your existing client base, and save you time - book a consultation session with your Bloomtools consultant, so they can take you through how easily and effectively it can be done)

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