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Get up to date with whats social on social media

Posted on 26 December 2015
Get up to date with whats social on social media

Today we're going to check out the social media trends and stats that have emerged in 2015. In an online world that never stops changing, growing and developing this should be interesting...

Social users in Australia

  • Facebook 14million users
  • YouTube 13.9 UAVs (unique Australian Visitors)
  • Instagram 5 million monthly active Australian users
  • Tumblr 4 million users
  • LinkedIn 3.8 million users
  • Twitter 2.7 million users
  • Pinterest 310,000 users
  • Google Plus 60,000 monthly active users

Big growth

Instagram, with over 400 million users has surpassed Twitter to become the second most poular social network globally.

Winning content

Video content has grown in the eyes of consumer trends. 50% of daily active users will watch at least 1 video via social media per day. 53% of these views come from shares and 75% occur on mobile devices. 

Going Mobile

Google announced this year that mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches, as people are now accessing websites, social media and online apps via their mobile device.

Snapchat name the fastest growing Social Network of 2015

Close to 100 Million users, this app that is particularly popular with teenagers, and now offering advertising options.


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Happy tweeting, gramming, pinning and facebooking social media-er's. 

Source for Australian statistics - Social Media News

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