Google is searching for great content,and so are your clients
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Google is searching for great content,and so are your clients

Posted on 25 July 2013

Google is on a mission: to reward great content on the web and eliminate link farmers and spam. From time to time, the internet giant updates its PageRank and search algorithms to create the best possible search results. It’s clear from their latest updates and messages coming from the top that your website must feature compelling content in order to rank highly in search results.

It’s a worthy cause that will (ideally) make it easier to find the information you need online by giving priority to organisations that spend time creating real conversations and providing valuable information to their customers.

What does it mean for your small business website?

Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, encourages webmasters to “think about compelling content and marketing, not just link building.1I would think about the user experience of your site. What makes it interesting? What makes it compelling? What makes it fun?”

One of the best ways to do that is to create valuable content that focuses on the user experience. It’s not only important because it improves your search ranking, targeted content also attracts customers to your website, drives demand and generates repeat business.

That’s because today’s consumers are seeking out information, answers, advice and entertainment online – so that’s where you must go to share your expertise, knowledge and personality with them.

Setting up a small business blog or writing regular editorial articles is an easy way to start telling the story of your small business and to engage with existing and potential customers.

Here are five tips for content creation to get you thinking:

  1. Understand your audience: For your content marketing efforts to succeed you need to consider your audience first. What are their concerns, interests and pain points? How can you help them?
  2. Make it relevant, helpful and valuable:There’s a simple principle with content marketing: be helpful and consumers will reward you. We’re all sick of being sold to and the internet is where we go for answers. To connect with digital consumers you need to offer content that is helpful, relevant and valuable to your target market.
  3. Keep it editorial: Glossy promotional material and copy swamped with product plugs won’t fly with most people who simply don’t have time for advertising.
  4. Share your content:Don’t keep it to yourself –leverage the content you’re creating to drive more traffic back to your website. Identify social media channels where your target audience is most active and go to them.
  5. Measure your efforts:Keep track of simple metrics like traffic, page views, social media likes or retweets. That way you’ll know exactly what is performing well and can adapt and tweak your strategy to suit your audience.

The business landscape has changed dramatically in recent years as consumers go digital. Merely having a web presence is no longer enough, and traditional marketing – the ‘tell, yell, sell’ method – is gone. If you want to attract customers and grow your business you’ll need to adapt your approach and start communicating with great content. Google, and your customers, will thank you.

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